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Airsoft is all fun and games, it’s true! But what kinds of games are there? Well to answer my own question, there are tons of different airsoft game types from tactical to straightforward game modes, and they are all extremely fun. Whether you’re checking ahead to inform yourself on all these different game types and their objectives or you’re looking to find some fresh new game modes to try out with your airsoft buddies, you have come to the perfect place. Welcome to the diverse world of airsoft.

|Team Deathmatch/Elimination|

The WoodsGood old fashioned team deathmatch. This popular airsoft game mode typically consists of two even teams. These two teams start at opposite sides of the field with a simple objective. The objective of the game is to eliminate every member of the enemy team. Once a player is hit or “killed” they must exit the field and remain inactive for the rest of the match.

A variant of this airsoft game mode involves a respawn area located in each team’s spawn point. In this case a time limit is set for this match and whichever team has the most kills at the end of the time limit is the winner. Once a player is hit or “killed” they must return to the respawn area to respawn before they are active again. (It is hard to keep track of each player’s kills so this game variant is not as popular).

|Capture the Flag|

This airsoft game mode requires a bit more strategy. Capture the flag consists of two teams, each with a team flag on their own side of the field that is visible and unhidden. The objective of this airsoft game mode is to protect your own flag and capture the enemy’s flag by bringing it back to your base (flag must be visible and unhidden when capturing). For a successful capture your own team’s flag must still remain at base. If your flag is not at base then you must recapture it from the enemies and replace it at your base. Respawning is permitted in this airsoft game mode.

The first variant of this airsoft game mode is called “Live Flag” and abides by the simple rule that if the flag carrier is hit and “killed” then the flag is placed at at the spot at which the player was hit. At this point the flag is still active and any active players of either team may retrieve the flag and either capture the enemy flag or recapture your own flag.

The second variant of this airsoft game mode is called “Dead Flag” and abides by the rule that once a flag carrier is hit or “killed” the flag carrier that was hit must return the flag to the enemies base.

|Free For All|

Every man/woman for themselves, simple as that. Everyone starting from a decent distance from each other with a bit of cover and the game can begin. The last man/woman standing will claim victory.


This is a larger scale game mode for airsoft. Medic is a team deathmatch type of airsoft game mode, but the one difference is that there is a medic on each of the two teams. This medic will be ill equipped to defend themselves and will be only allowed to carry a pistol or in some cases no weapon at all. Once a player is hit, they must lay down on the ground until the medic is able to reach them and revive the downed player. Protecting your medic is essential in this airsoft game mode since they are your only way to be revived. Once a team’s medic is eliminated the that team will no longer be able to respawn. The last team standing is the winner.

|King of the Hill|

This airsoft game mode can consist of multiple teams. King of the hill is just as it sounds. There will be a hill or open area with a bit of cover and in that area will be a flag. The team that is holding this area and is nearest the flag by the time the games time limit is reached will claim victory.


Everyone loves shooting up some zombies right? Well in this airsoft game mode the game starts off with one Zombie. That single zombie’s objective, as well as anyone who is turned into a zombie, is to turn everyone else into zombies. Once a living player is shot by a zombie they are then turned into a zombie, but they must first spawn back into the game at the zombies spawn point. The living wins by surviving the time limit without being turned into a zombie.


The true test of a sniper’s skill. In the airsoft game mode, one player equipped with a bolt action airsoft sniper rifle will be given a short amount of time (usually a couple of minutes) to hide. Once the time is up the rest of the players must seek out this sniper and shoot him/her. If the sniper survives up to the time limit then the sniper wins, but if the sniper is shot then the seeking players must attempt to escort the sniper back to a checkpoint. At any time while being escorted the sniper may run away, but if the sniper is shot again, they lose. If the sniper escapes and survives the time limit then the sniper wins.


In this airsoft game mode you are tasked with the safe transportation of a high value team member that is ill equipped to defend themselves. This high value team member or “President” must be protected at all cost and must be delivered to the specified checkpoint. An enemy team will be positioned somewhere along the way in an attempt to eliminate the President. If the President or entire escort team is eliminated then the escorting team loses. If the President is delivered safely then the escorting team wins.


In this airsoft game mode a quarter of the players must bunker down in a small area in which they must survive in so selecting a strategic location is important. The rest of the players will be sent to eliminate the players in this fortress. Either team wins by eliminating the opposing team.


Close Quarters Battle/Combat is not necessarily a game mode but more of a game style and it relies on a small area of play being used, typically with a lot of walls, rooms, and cover. A variety of airsoft game types can be played in a CQB style such as team deathmatch, medic, and hostage rescue just to name a few. Engagements in CQB will be at very short ranges so lower powered airsoft weapons are to be used in this game style

|Save One Bullet|

For this airsoft game mode a quarter of the players will find an area in which to defend themselves, location is very important seeing as these players are only allowed to be equipped with one mid-cap magazine or smaller so a location with a lot of cover and places to hide is ideal. The rest of the players must find and eliminate the defending team and allowed to be equipped with as much ammo as they please. The last team left standing wins.


This airsoft game type requires four teams. A Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue team. The field has six posts in which each team will be trying to capture by changing the posts color to their own respective team color. The objective is to capture all six of the posts before the time is up. An alliance between two teams may be allowed. If “killed” you must return to a post in which your team has captured or an allied post to be able to respawn. If the time limit expires before a team captures all six posts then the team or allied team with the most posts wins.

|Fort wars|

In this airsoft game mode there are two teams. Each team has their own fort with a flag in it. The goal is for each team to replace the opponent’s flag with your team’s flag. Up to Three players can guard the flag. If shot, the players go to the enemy jail, including the flag guards. The only way to get out of jail is to be tagged by a teammate. The first team to set their flag in the opponent’s fort wins

|Turf Wars|

Similar to the Risk game type, this airsoft game type also has six posts. For this game type there will be only two teams. these teams must try to secure as many of these posts as possible by placing or replacing their flag on the post. If a player is shot they must return to the spawn point to respawn. Once the time limit has expired, the team with the most posts captured wins.

|Special Forces|Special Forces

This airsoft game type is like a smaller scale milsim (military simulation). A smaller team of players will be the “special forces” (about a quarter or a third) and a slightly larger team will be the hostiles team. The special forces team must eliminate all hostiles within a short time limit (about 5-10 minutes). The special forces team wins once they have eliminated all hostiles. The hostiles win if they survive past the time limit or if they eliminate the special forces team. This game type is typically played in a CQB environment.


For the airsoft game type Ambush AKA “Return Fire” a small group of snipers must eliminate as many infantry troops as possible before the main force reaches the end of a designated path. The snipers are allowed to move about the field however they please, but the infantry team must stay along the designated path. Respawns are not allowed so take advantage of your snipers range.


Very similar to the way it is played in “Call of Duty” in this airsoft game mode there will typically be a kitchen timer in the center of the field that represents an “explosive charge”. Each team begins in a base in which they must protect, while trying to destroy the enemies base. The objective is to take the explosive charge to the enemies base and protect it for a short amount of time until it “detonates”. If at anytime a player holding the charge is eliminated then the charge must be dropped at that location and may be retrieved by any active player.

|Search and Destroy|

Similar to the demolition game mode, search and destroy will also have a kitchen timer AKA the “explosive charge”, but the goal this time is to destroy one of the two bases that the opposite team is trying to protect. The attackers will start off with the explosive charge and must plant it at one of the bases as they protect it until it detonates. The defenders will be protecting these two bases without knowing which one will be set with the explosive charge. The attackers win if they destroy an enemy base or if the defenders are eliminated, and the defenders win if the attackers are unsuccessful or eliminated.

|Hostage rescue|

There are two teams for this airsoft game type. The Guards who are meant to protect the hostages from being rescued or escaping, and the Rescuers and Hostages are a part of one team. The hostages will normally be positioned in different locations. The Rescuers are allowed to bring extra weaponry to equip hostages with upon rescuing. Hostages are also allowed to attempt an escape, but if shot in the process are eliminated.


A variant of the Capture the Flag game type. The Game Moderators discreetly select one member from each team to be a traitor and supply them with a team marker for both teams. The rest of the players are then notified by the Game Moderators that there is a traitor on their team. The game is played as a normal Capture the Flag game, but after 5 minutes the traitor will then be allowed to switch their team marker and betray their team at any time so be careful who has your back.


“Manhunt” is an airsoft game mode that requires one player to volunteer to be the “prey” and the rest of the players will be “hunters”. If the prey reaches its specified checkpoint without being “killed” within the time limit then he/she wins. If a hunter shoots the prey then that hunter wins. Hunters are not allowed to shoot each other, but they are not on a team. This airsoft game type is popular for night games.

|Prison break|

In this fun airsoft game mode there are two teams. A smaller team will be the “prisoners” and their objective is to pass through the guarded area to the specified checkpoint. A larger team will be the “guards” and their objective is to eliminate any prisoners that try to escape to the checkpoint. Prisoners will be equipped with low level weaponry as guards may be equipped with whatever weaponry they want. Any prisoner that escapes to the checkpoint will be considered a winner. A variant of this airsoft game type may allow the prisoners to have a small escape team to break them out and help them get to the checkpoint.

|Police Shootout/Cops and Robbers|

In this quickmatch style of game type all players will be equipped with pistols and split into two teams, Cops and Robbers. Setting up scenarios is common for this game type to give that feeling of a shootout with situations like a robbery or drug bust.

|Commando raid|

This challenging airsoft game mode will call for two teams. The guard team will be split into even groups relative to the amount of objectives and the “commando” team will be the same size as the groups that the guards have been split into (e.g. if there are 3 objectives then all players will be split into 4 groups, 3 of which will guard each objective and one of which will be the commando team). The commando team will be deployed from a small zone a good distance from the objectives. The commandos will also only be allowed to have half a clip of ammo and one fully loaded pistol. The commando team’s objective is to retrieve all of the objectives and take them back to the drop zone for extraction. There are no respawns in this game mode. the commandos win if they extract all objectives and the guards win if the commando team is eliminated.

|Paratroopers|Real paratroopers

Another challenging airsoft game type is “Paratroopers”. A quarter of the players will be split off into one team, this team will be the paratroopers. The rest of the players will be guards and are tasked with guarding three objectives. The paratroopers will be deployed at multiple areas of the field and will be given a map marking the locations of these objectives along with a bit of faulty intel ( e.g. wrong objective location or an extra objective location). The paratroopers must then rendezvous and extract one of these objectives as a team by stealing the item marked as the objective and taking it to the extraction zone which should also be marked on the map. The paratroopers win if they capture and objective and the guards win if the paratroopers are eliminated.

Congratulations, I have finally ran out of airsoft game modes! I would first like to thank you folks for checking out the post and I do hope that you’ve learned a lot! Although I have listed a ton of great airsoft game modes that are used by many airsoft fields, I am betting that a lot of you may have even more that your local fields might utilize. I would absolutely love to hear any cool and creative airsoft game modes any of you folks have come across that this post is missing out on. Be sure to leave them in the comments below, and feedback is always appreciated. Have a good one and keep ripping up that field.

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