Plastic or Metal?

Everyone wants the best everything, right? Best airsoft gun, best airsoft gear, and even the best aesthetics for them. Well in terms of the best airsoft gun there are a lot of factors. Which brings me to today’s post about an airsoft guns primary build material, one of the more important factors in finding the best airsoft gun. Which is better, Plastic airsoft guns, or full metal airsoft guns? Well if you really want to know then read below, because I will be explaining both plastic and metal airsoft guns along with their pros and cons.


The term plastic is actually quite general and there are many different types of plastics used to make different airsoft guns. There is the very cheap kinds of plastic like toy plastics that are used for those $50 airsoft guns that Walmart usually stocks. Those are a definite “no go” for anyone looking to get into airsoft, because those will break very easily and are very low quality all around. Even ABS plastics are not the types of plastic you should go for. Now that that’s out of the way we can move onto the higher quality and more durable plastics, polymers. Many decent and high quality airsoft guns are made out of polymers. These types of weapons will normally be considerably cheaper than the full metal airsoft guns, but are more susceptible to cracking and breaking. Plastic airsoft guns are also lighter in weight compared to metal airsoft guns which can be quite noticeable when out on the field running around all day. Although these days many companies use quality polymer and high impact polymer for their weapons, plastic can still wear and weather quicker than metal airsoft guns, but normally tend to keep that new look since there is no paint to be scratched and it is more flexible and is harder to dent.

|Full Metal|

Just like the plastic, there are many different types of metals used in different types of airsoft guns. The cheaper form of metal would be “pot metal” and although it is a metal, it will still shatter and crack without too much effort. These aren’t a horrible option, but there are definitely better options that may be a bit more costly but will definitely be worth your money. Higher quality metal like steel will definitely provide you with an extremely durable full metal weapon and that is why real military weapons are commonly made with steel, but not to say that there aren’t any great polymer military weapons. Which leads me to mention that with these full metal airsoft guns comes the realistic look and feel of a “real steel” weapon, which is a huge deal for many people. Along with a realistic look there is also a realistic feel and sound as well (not including the “bang” of a real bullet being fired of course). These weapons will be a few pounds heavier, but that’s just gonna be the price you pay for realism. Typically with a full metal airsoft gun you will accumulate scratches and and paint chipping which some people may see as part of the realism as well.


The best of both worlds. When it comes to a mix between a metal airsoft gun that is also made with plastic parts there aren’t really any extremely low quality types. Most of these hybrid type weapons will only be made by higher quality manufacturers. One thing to note is that some weapons will only come as a mix of both polymer and metal, seeing as it’s “real steel” counterpart is made the same way. The great thing about airsoft is that the weapons tend to be very customizable and diverse, many plastic airsoft guns can be made to have a metal gearbox to give you that lightweight feel with just a little more durability and strength for the most important parts of your weapon.

|Pros & Cons|

Pros\Cons Chart

|My Opinion|

Personally I prefer getting a hybrid style weapon with both metal and plastic parts, specifically a polymer or nylon fiber bodied airsoft gun equipped with a full metal gearbox and metal rails. This is my favorite style of airsoft gun because it gives me a decently lightweight weapon that still has great durability for all the important parts inside of the gun.That way if I drop my gun or fall on it, the internals have a much better chance of staying intact and functional even if some cosmetic damage may occur. The price is also not too bad, especially for the qualities you’re getting from your weapon.

Thanks for checking out the post! I hope you’ve been able to learn more about what type of weapon would best suit your wants and needs. If anyone has any other questions or concerns about these types of weapons, please feel free to let me know. Feedback is always appreciated as well. Have fun and stay safe!

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